Cutting off the head of the terrorist enterprise

We don’t know who killed Imad Mugniyeh in Damascus, but the terrorist establishment has decided that it was Israel. And as a result, it has declared war on world Jewry:

More than 50 Hizbullah terror cells believed to be spread across the globe could be activated and used to strike at Israeli or Jewish targets in retaliation for Tuesday’s assassination of Hizbullah arch-terrorist and operations officer Imad Mughniyeh in Syria, a senior defense official said Thursday…

FBI anti-terror units raised their alerts for fear of attacks on synagogues and other Jewish targets.

Sources in the US administration reiterated that there were no specific warnings of a terrorist attack; nonetheless, an FBI source said that the raised alertness of the Anti-Terrorism Unit, which operates in about 100 cities around the US, is not a routine step.

The counterterrorism bureau recommended that [Israeli] citizens abroad avoid staying in areas where there is a large concentration of Israelis. It advised Israelis overseas to strictly avoid visiting Arab and Muslim states where existing travel warnings are in force; to reject any tempting suggestions, unexpected gifts and offers of free travel from suspicious people or unknown elements; to reject proposals for unscheduled meetings, and to travel to meetings accompanied by someone known and trusted. — Jerusalem Post

Right now, I’m sure that many Jewish ‘world citizens’ are irritated that they have been endangered by Israel’s action (assuming for a moment that Israel is responsible). On the other hand, many non-Jews concerned with the phenomenon of the world’s descent into barbarism as represented by such as Mugniyeh are cheering. Look at what he is generally thought to have done:

  • 1983 – Marine barracks and French peacekeepers bombings in Lebanon — 241 American service personnel, 58 French paratroopers killed.
  • 1983 – US Embassy (Beirut) bombing, more than 60 murdered.
  • 1985 – hijacking of TWA flight 847, US Navy diver Robert Stethem brutally murdered.
  • 1980’s – kidnapping of numerous foreigners (especially Americans) in Lebanon, some of whom were murdered, such as CIA station chief William Buckley.
  • 1992 – Israeli embassy (Buenos Aires) bombing, 29 killed.
  • 1994 Argentine Jewish Association (Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina) building bombing, at least 85 murdered.
  • 2002 – associated with the Karine A incident, in which a ship containing 50 tons of Iranian arms bound probably for Hezbollah was intercepted by the Israeli navy.
  • 2006 – kidnapping of 2 Israeli soldiers and killing of others near Lebanese border, sparking second Lebanese war, more than a thousand dead.

In addition, Mugniyeh was involved in training operatives, providing false documents, etc. for terrorist operatives all over the world, including Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America. He was a contact between Iran and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas organizations.

Jihadist forces are at pains to promote the idea that the surge of Islamic terrorism is a grass-roots movement of simple people, caused by the mistreatment of the Muslim world by European colonialists and their very special allies, the Zionists. The solution proposed by their friends is that the West must redress these grievances by appeasement, such as privileges for Muslims in Western countries — like access to Sharia courts — and above all, by not interfering with their holy duty to eliminate Israel, the Jewish thorn in the side of the Muslim Middle East.

But this analysis of the problem is entirely wrong.

Jihadism is not a grass-roots movement — it is planned and directed by individuals, usually well-educated ones, who very carefully manipulate opinion by expert use of the media and judicious application of cruelty to back their ideological appeal with a much more basic emotion — fear.

There is a way to fight terrorism, and that is to eliminate the leaders, the special people with the combination of intelligence, charisma and sadistic bent that are needed to be a terrorist star.

Mugniyeh, Nasrallah, Bin Laden, etc. — cut off the head of the enterprise and it’s possible to put an end to it.

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