More on why Palestinian society has failed

Israel is not innocent of mistakes, but all Israel’s mistakes are dwarfed by the Palestinian liability. Living under an occupation is no great joy, and criticism of the occupation in general and of the settlements in particular, is legitimate. More than legitimate. We are not dealing with theory, however, but with facts: huge sums of money that were given to the Palestinians went down the drain. And the opportunities to win independence and prosperity were rejected in favor of the supreme objective: wiping Israel off the map. — Ben-Dror Yemini, from Maariv (in Solomonia).

Who provided the billions of dollars that have gone to the Palestinians and have not improved their lives one whit? What did they do with the money? Why are they still refugees and the territories occupied?

Ben-Dror Yemini answers these and other questions in this groundbreaking article, found in the excellent Solomonia blog of Martin Solomon.

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