No comment needed, business as usual

JERUSALEM, Jan. 19 — Israel transferred $100 million in tax revenues to the office of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as part of a plan to bolster him and keep money out of the hands of the Hamas government, officials said today…

…Israel also has removed some West Bank roadblocks, but Palestinians say they still face many obstacles when they seek to travel. — NY Times

In other news:

( Two Qassam rockets struck Israel on Tuesday. One of the rockets struck the western Negev, while the other hit south of Ashkelon.

Also Tuesday, Arab terrorists fired on IDF troops near the security fence along the Gaza border, and in Jenin, an explosives device was set off near troops, who also came under fire. There were no injuries in all of the incidents.

An IDF reserve soldier was lightly injured Tuesday when a burning tire exploded near the village of Qibya, northwest of Ramallah. Arabs placed ammunition in the tire and then set it ablaze near the separation fence.

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