The cynical Quartet

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday she expected the “Quartet” of the EU, Russia, the UN and the US to meet the week of January 29 in Washington to discuss Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts. — Jerusalem Post

Three entities whose behavior indicates that they would like to see Israel gone, plus a somewhat conflicted US, meet to decide what Israel must give up to the Palestinians who display their deserving status by continuing to fire rockets, shoot Israelis, and try to infiltrate suicide bombers.

This because the four have various interests in the Middle East that involve other nations whose primary foreign policy goal is the destruction of Israel, and they wish to make them happy. Like Czechoslovakia in 1938, Israel isn’t invited to take part in the discussions.

When the same group proposed the idiotic ‘road map’, Israel acted as though they had done her a favor. It’s time for Israel and her friends to stand up and say “there can be no concessions to those who are trying to kill us.”

Instead of squeezing Israel, the nations of the world should be putting pressure on the Palestinians and the Arab nations to stop anti-Israel terrorism and incitement, to recognize Israel and to establish normal relations. Then and only then will it be in Israel’s interest — as well as right and just — to give up occupied territory.

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