Daniel Pipes and the barbarians

I recall sitting in a local Interfaith Alliance meeting a couple of years ago. Pipes’ name came up, and he was immediately dismissed scornfully as an ‘islamophobe’.

Nothing I’ve read by Pipes or heard him say indicates that he hates Muslims or despises Islam. On the contrary, he is knowledgeable about Islam and obviously wishes that radical Islamism had not become its public face. And unlike most who write and speak about the Mideast conflict, Pipes uses logic and reason.

Logic and reason, however, are not on the side of the Palestinians and their supporters. So he gets on their nerves.

In any event, he spoke recently at UC Irvine, where his talk was disrupted by anti-Israel student barbarians. You can read about it and link to videos of the event on Pipes’ own blog.

I especially recommend the shorter video that includes the protestors’ leader talking to his group at the very end. It’s chilling.

Update [4 Feb. 1456 PST]: LGF has excerpted the interesting part of the video and also provided a printed transcript.

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