FresnoZionism’s Index (with apologies to Harper’s Magazine)

The following statistics are taken from Israeli General Security Services head Yuval Diskin’s press briefing on Monday:

Number of tons of explosives smuggled into the Gaza strip in 2006: 28

Number of assault rifles smuggled: 14,000

Number of ‘armament accessories’ smuggled: 5,000,000

Number of RPGs smuggled: 150

Number of grenade launchers smuggled: 65

Number of upgraded antitank missiles smuggled: 10

Number of antiaircraft missles smuggled: 10

Number of tunnels currently being dug towards Israel from Gaza with the intention of carrying out attacks against IDF forces in the communities adjacent to the border: 10

Number of terrorists arrested in 2006 after trying to enter Israel unlawfully, having left Gaza for Egypt with the intention of entering Israel through Egypt: 43

Number of Kassam (or Qassam) missiles that fell in Israel in 2006: 1726

Number of potential suicide bombers arrested in the West Bank in 2006: 279

Percent increase in the number of terror groups being guided by Hezbollah over the course of the first half of 2006: 150

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