Is this genocide?

Just Google ‘Israel Genocide’ and you will find literally thousands of references to the Israeli ‘genocide’ against the Palestinians. But here’s an example of the reality:

IDF soldiers seriously wounded the wife of a wanted Palestinian on Thursday during a raid on his home in a Nablus refugee camp.

The woman was struck by the front door as the soldiers, members of the elite Duvdevan unit, burst through it.

She was evacuated to an Israeli hospital by an IDF helicopter.

The army said Nasr Jawabra, the Palestinian suspect, was a senior al-Quds Brigades [part of the Islamic Jihad organization] commander who in the past was involved in terror attacks and suicide bombings against Israel. — YNet

Islamic Jihad took ‘credit’ for the suicide bombing in Eilat on Monday in which three people were killed.

A helicopter evacuation is expensive and dangerous. Is this the action of a genocidal army? What would the Turks have done in 1915? What would Hitler have done? A Rwandan Hutu?

Indeed, what did the Islamic Jihad do?

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