Palestine murder week

From YNet:

“Israeli Apartheid Week” will take place for the third consecutive year starting next Monday through to Saturday.

Israeli-Arab MK Jamal Zahalka was invited to speak at one of the events marking the week in Montréal on Thursday.

“Calling the occupation apartheid isn’t an overstatement, it’s an understatement,” Zahalka told Ynet, “The Israeli occupation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are worse than apartheid.”

“Israel Apartheid Week” will be comprised of several events including lectures, informational booths, cultural events, film screenings and demonstrations held at various North American and European campuses.

This is normal. This is the way they make their case, over and over again.

Suppose I decide that next week will be “Palestine Murder Week”, and hold events all over world with speakers describing various ax-murders, shootings and bombings of Jews perpetrated by Palestinians. There could be films dramatizing events that occurred over the years, going back to, say, the massacre in Hebron in 1929; reconstructions of wedding halls and pizza parlors. Of course, we’d need to have serious academic-sounding lectures as well as intimidating mass demonstrations. We’d distribute literature about the need for the US and EU to divest from funding terrorist militias like Fatah and Hamas.

We would not have to exaggerate. We wouldn’t have to bend language, such as the way the Palestinians and their supporters use the word ‘apartheid’, when we could use the simple word ‘murder’ to describe what they do.

The only thing we wouldn’t have is a Jewish member of the Palestinian parliament to denounce it.

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