Cynicism you can cut with a knife

The EU is optimistic about the possibility of Mideast peace, says the Jerusalem Post. The only problem is that one of the parties refuses to even lie about preferring war:

Still, they have faced a dilemma over how to deal with the newly formed Palestinian unity government – a coalition between Hamas and the more moderate Fatah of Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Its platform falls short of international demands that it recognize Israel, renounce violence and abide by existing Palestinian-Israel agreements.

On Saturday, the Europeans agreed they will judge the new government by its actions rather than its words and progressively help it build up credible government institutions

The cynicism is thick enough to cut with a knife.

The new government’s actions consist of preparing for war by stockpiling smuggled arms, building and firing rockets, developing new kinds of rockets, and constructing Lebanon-like fortifications in Gaza. They are also continuing incitement against Israel in schools, mosques, media, and every other institution.

In fact, it’s impossible to find either actions or words of peace coming from this ‘government’ that we in the West are paying for.

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