Gaddafi ‘protects’ Palestinian rights

Muammar GaddafiHere is a perfect example of how much the Arab nations care about the Palestinians. Gaddafi is threatening to deport Palestinians in Libya to Gaza:

Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi has decided to boycott the Arab League’s summit, set to be held in Riyadh at the end of March, in response to what he considers as the Arab leaders’ plan to “sacrifice” the refugee issue in order to please Israel.

Gaddafi is worried that in the framework of the Saudi peace initiative, Arab leaders would concede the refugees’ right of return, and agree to have them naturalized in their countries of residence, in a bid to encourage Israel’s cooperation with the peace plan.

Libyan newspaper al-Jamahiriya reported this week that Libya may begin deporting Palestinian refugees soon, in protest of the Arab plan.

“Libya will never cooperate with a concession of the refugees’ right of return, and will not allow for the settling of refugees far away from their homeland,” the paper stated.

“Libya is in negotiations to allow thousands of Palestinians who reside within its territory to move to the Gaza Strip through Egypt, before the plot to settle them in the Arab countries materializes,” it added. — YNet

So Gaddafi wants to ‘protect their rights’ by preventing them from being resettled, God forbid, in someplace other than ‘Palestine’. Apparently he actually tried to do this once before in 1995, in protest of the Oslo accords:

Hundreds of those refugees remained stranded in a refugee camp on the Libyan-Egyptian border, while hundreds others spent weeks aboard ships in the Mediterranean Sea, after both Syria and Lebanon refused to give them shelter.

Of course not, because destroying Israel and killing Jews is always top priority for the Arabs, far above the welfare of Palestinians.

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