PA government has a straightforward platform

The Palestinians have finally agreed on a platform for the PA unity government. Here is how a Hamas website describes it (I’ve added some translations in case the original is unclear):

Our Sources reported that the new platform states that, “The government confirms that the resistance is a legitimate right for the Palestinian people.”

Terrorism against Israel will continue…

It goes onto say that, “halting resistance depends on ending the occupation and achieving freedom and the right of return and independence.”

until there is no more Israel…

The new government also recognizes that “the key to security and stability in the region is in the ending of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, recognition of the right to Palestinian self-determination.”

and nobody else will have peace, either, until Israel is gone.

Thus, the statement confirmed , “the government will work with the international community to end the occupation, and to return the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.”

Work with us, “international community”, give us big gobs of money so we can destroy Israel.

The government “holds fast to the rights of Palestinian refugees, and the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their land and belongings.”

Just to make sure you understand that ‘occupation’ refers to the one that started in 1948.

Most Israeli reaction was understandably negative. However, if there are any remaining doubts that the Left lives in another galaxy, they can be dispelled now:

Meretz Chairman MK Yossi Beilin…was optimistic.

“The new unity government, based on the Saudi initiative, is a welcome invitation to embark once again upon the peace process. Hopefully, they will be able to create a secure and solid partner for Israel,” he said.

Fellow Meretz MK Ran Cohen also reacted positively to the prospect of the unity government, urging Israel to “immediately begin talks with the new Palestinian government to try and come to a mutual cease-fire agreement. — (Jerusalem Post, my emphasis)

The coming ‘peace process’ may be as violent as the previous one, but at least this time our ‘partners’ are making their intentions crystal-clear.

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