Pressure on the Syrian border

Syria is building up forces on her border with Israel:

According to [IDF] officials, the Syrian military – while restricted in the number of troops it is allowed to deploy along the border – has moved military infrastructure, including fuel depots, closer to the frontier. The Syrians have also built structures in the area that could serve as weapons stores and military bases.

“There is no doubt that something out of the ordinary is taking place on the Syrian side of the border,” a high-ranking official said. — Jerusalem Post

Note also that Hezbollah is busy constructing installations north of the Litani River, where they will not be inspected by UNIFIL.

Whether or not these developments warn of war in the near future, they will certainly be part of the pressure applied to Israel to give up the Golan Heights. The US has recently announced that it will be talking to Syria and Iran about Iraq, and it’s certain that the Golan will be part of the quid pro quo that will be demanded by Syria.

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