The unthinkable becomes thinkable

By Vic Rosenthal

Little by little, the unthinkable becomes thinkable, and then practical, and then it happens. And then something even more unthinkable starts to be thought.

At one time, it was against the law in Israel to even talk to a representative of the PLO. Then somebody did it, and soon it became official and soon Arafat — Arafat! — was shaking hands with the Prime Minister. And soon he was actually paid to set up shop in Gaza and Ramallah, where this remarkably evil and duplicitous man stuffed his Swiss bank accounts, built an educational and media system designed to create martyrs in the jihad against Israel, and pretended to talk peace at the same time that he was paying his terrorist minions to kill Jews.

At one time, Israelis and Jews throughout the world vowed that the blood that was shed in 1967 to regain the Old City of Jerusalem would not be dishonored. In 2000, Barak offered control of the Temple Mount to Arafat. In 2007, sovereignty over it has all but officially passed into the hands of the Palestinians.

At one time, only the extreme Left considered a Palestinian state in the territories an option. Today, the US President endorses the idea, but the Arabs and the Left have moved on to talk about a single, “binational” state.

At one time, the West overwhelmingly supported Israel’s right to exist. Today, it’s a subject for debate.

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