How micro is the management?

The Jerusalem Post reports:

The IDF plans to ask Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Wednesday for permission to carry out “pinpoint” operations against Gaza-based Hamas terrorist chiefs and infrastructure, in response to an attempt by the Islamist group to kidnap soldiers near the Gaza Strip…

Olmert is scheduled to meet with security chiefs Wednesday morning to discuss the escalation in Gaza and expectations were that the IDF would be given the green light for “pinpoint” operations against Hamas terrorist infrastructure in the Strip.

Not that this doesn’t sound like a good idea, but why is this information given to the press and the entire world? Just do it (or don’t). Nothing is gained by including you and me in this discussion.

The article also notes:

The security situation was apparently discussed in a telephone call on Tuesday between Olmert and US President George W. Bush.

The implication, I suppose, is that the green light comes from Washington, if it comes. Just how ‘micro’ is the management here?

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