Religion of peace keeps pot of violence boiling, while AP can’t locate Jerusalem

Some random AP reports today, illustrating two things: 1) wherever there are Muslims, there’s trouble; and 2) the AP doesn’t seem to know what country Jerusalem is in.

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Four days of fierce fighting between Somali forces and Islamic insurgents has killed 381 people in Mogadishu, a local human rights organization said Monday, as the government warned residents to abandon their homes ahead of a new military offensive.

KHARTOUM, Sudan – Unidentified gunmen killed five African Union soldiers guarding a “water point” [in Darfur] near the border with Chad in the deadliest attack on the peacekeepers since their deployment in 2004, an AU spokesman said Monday.

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran’s tough stance in the the standoff over 15 captured British sailors is a demonstration of the power of hardliners unafraid to confront the West, analysts say.

JERUSALEM – Palestinian journalists on Monday began a three-day strike to protest the kidnapping of British Broadcasting Corp. correspondent Alan Johnston, the longest-held reporter ever abducted in the Gaza Strip.

JERUSALEM – Ultra-Orthodox Jews burned bread and other leavened foods in communal bonfires Monday, completing preparations for Passover…The army sealed off the West Bank early Sunday as a precaution against Palestinian attacks.

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