Disproportionate force needed to stop Qassam murders

YNet (AP):

Abu Marzouk

“The Qassam attacks from Gaza are one of the means we are using to resist the occupation by the Jewish state,” said Moussa Abu Marzouk, deputy head of Hamas’ political bureau.

In case there’s still anyone left who thinks that they mean the occupied territories, the murderer pictured is talking about the existence of the entire state of Israel.

Ten Qassams were fired into Israel today. How can it be that a country with F-16’s and nuclear weapons cannot protect her citizens from a nation of primitive murderers armed with crude weapons, which has declared total war on her?

Elementary psychology, which every police officer knows, is that violence has to be met with a massive and disproportionate response to shock the perpetrator into stopping. Tit-for-tat slaps don’t work.

Funeral of Oshri OzThe woman in this picture is the sister of Oshri Oz, who was murdered yesterday in Sderot by Palestinians who fired one of numerous Qassam missiles. She is saying goodbye to her 36-year old brother, who also left a pregnant wife and 2-year old daughter.

Why didn’t her country use enough force to protect him, and why doesn’t it crush the nation of murderers that killed him?

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