Justice grows out of a barrel of oil

Israel must not accept this quietly:

(IsraelNN.com) United States Ambassador Richard Jones will boycott the Jerusalem Day celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem this week, according to Israel Radio. In doing so, the U.S. is joining with the member nations of the European Union, who informed the Israeli government via a German representative that they would be avoiding the ceremonies.

The rejections reflect the international community’s concern over the possibility of offending the Palestinian Authority and Israel’s Arab neighbors, who insist that Jerusalem must become the capital of a PA state.

It’s infuriating and painful to see Israel consistently behaving as a supplicant, begging for recognition of her sovereignty. The West treats the dictatorships and absolute monarchies of the Arab nations, as well as the morally bankrupt, kleptocratic and murderous Palestinian leadership with care and respect; but Israel remains illegitimate, her capital not her capital.

In 1967 Israel defeated the Arabs in a war which was intended by them to be a war of annihilation and took back control of Jerusalem from Jordan, which had brutally expelled the city’s Jewish residents in 1948, desecrated her synagogues and cemeteries, and barred entrance to her holy places. Israel later annexed Jerusalem, offering full Israeli citizenship to her Arab residents. Where is the justice in the ‘international community’ demanding that Israel turn her capital over to the Palestinians, whose greatest contribution to history has been the perfection of terrorism as an instrument of policy?

Justice, in this case apparently grows out of a barrel of oil.

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