Needed: another catastrophe

The Jerusalem Post reports:

More than five people, including four children, were wounded and several people suffered from shock after Hamas terrorists fired at least seven Kassam rockets into Sderot on Tuesday afternoon.

Two rockets directly hit separate private residences and another hit a school building in the city. The other rockets landed in the city’s streets.

One woman was seriously wounded and her four children were lightly to moderately wounded after one of the first rockets hit her home…

Hamas officials claimed responsibility shortly after the attack, saying the salvo was retaliation for Israel’s killing an operative during an attack near a border crossing earlier Tuesday and also to commemorate the May 15 founding of Israel in 1948, known to Palestinians as al-Naqba, of “the catastrophe.”

Enough is enough. How long can this be permitted to continue?

What’s needed is another catastrophe for the Palestinians.

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