Quartet tells Israel to absorb rocket fire

I have to quote this item in its entirety, with a few interpolations. From the Jerusalem Post:

Quartet [US, UN, EU, Russia — ed] urges Israel to show restraint

Israel must exercise restraint during its military operations in order to avoid civilian casualties, the Quartet said during a meeting centered around the situation in the Middle East in Berlin on Wednesday.

In a press statement released early Thursday morning, the Quartet condemned continued Palestinian rocket fire into Israel, but warned that the country must not react in a way that would harm civilians or cause “damage to civilian infrastructure.”

But it’s impossible to stop the rockets without harming civilians or damaging infrastructure. The Palestinians are firing from “civilian infrastructure”. And they are not going to stop because the Quartet says they should. So Israel is urged to just absorb the rocket fire.

The Quartet raised concerns over the incarceration of Palestinian Authority (PA) government officials and called for them to be released by Israel. Several Hamas members of parliament were jailed by Israel after Kassam rocket attacks escalated last week and resulted in the death of an Israeli woman.

Those clever Jews! They found a way to stop the rocket fire without hurting civilians or infrastructure. Sorry, not allowed. Just step into the showers please.

Furthermore, the resumption of transfers of tax funds by Israel on behalf of the PA, read the statement, would have a significant impact on the Palestinian economy. It recommended Israel transfer money via the Temporary International Mechanism, the European emergency aid which bypasses the PA government.

The Palestinian economy doesn’t exist, unless you count the ‘defense contractors’ building Qassams and digging tunnels. The clans, gangs, and militias have seen to that. More money is being pumped into the territories than ever before, but it’s all going into the wars and street fights.

The Quartet expressed concern over the deterioration of a cease-fire between Hamas and Fatah members in the Gaza Strip and called for an immediate stop to factional fighting.

But the US is supplying weapons and money to Fatah. I guess the vote in the Quartet wasn’t unanimous.

The Quartet also called for an immediate release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit.

They could have said “no more aid until he’s released”. But they didn’t.

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