Sderot barrage continues, Israel will strike terrorist leadership

Sderot missile strikeA car took a direct hit from a Qassam missile in Sderot today. One person was killed, another wounded.

The Popular Resistance Committees’ military wing, which claimed responsibility for the barrage of Qassam rockets on Sderot that killed one woman on Monday said it would continue to fire rockets at Israel…

According to Abu Abir, the Palestinian resistance organizations would not back down, even if the targeted killings reach more senior leaders.

…We want to see thousands more residents of Sderot and the vicinity be evacuated,” Abu Abir said. — YNet

Israel is determined to stop the rocket attacks, if necessary by killing the the leadership of groups like the PRC and Hamas. We’ll see who prevails.

By the way, “Abu Abir” would best stay indoors and think about the virgins that he is going to meet shortly.

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