The way to tell if there will be a war

In case there is any doubt about whom Israel is fighting:

All of Hizbullah’s policies and activities are coordinated with the leadership of Iran, including the firing of rockets into Israeli population centers for which direct Iranian approval is required, said a senior Hizbullah official in a rare admission.

“Even when it comes to firing rockets on Israeli civilians, when they (Israel) bombed the civilians on our side, even that decision requires an in-principle permission from (the ruling jurisprudent),” said Sheikh Naim Kassem, the deputy chief of Hizbullah, in an Arabic language interview translated Sunday by the Information and Terrorism Center at Israel’s Center for Special Studies.

According to the Center, “the ruling jurisprudent,” or “al-wali al-faqih” in Arabic, is the title of Supreme Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. — YNet

If Hizbullah needs permission to fire rockets, then perhaps they fire rockets on command? In other words, they simply do Iran’s work for her. Last Summer’s war came at a convenient time for Iran, which wanted to distract attention from her nuclear program. Maybe the best way to tell if there will be a war this summer will be to pay attention to Iran.

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