Is the UCU boycott of Israel illogical?

From Israel 21c:

Do they really want to boycott this?

Israeli scienceThe decision by a British academics’ union to urge its members to boycott their Israeli counterparts has generated outrage and concern among academics and supporters of Israel. The stunningly illogical decision to shun Israeli academic institutions threatens some of the organizations most involved in promoting peace and human rights in Gaza and the West Bank and could impede progress Israeli universities enable in scores of fields.

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I do want to add something: the boycott is illogical, unless it’s more important to help Hamas and Hezbollah in their project to destroy Israel than it is to promote human rights, peace, scientific progress, academic freedom, and all that good stuff that the boycotters pretend to be in favor of.

Once you understand motivations, a lot of ‘illogical’ and irrational behavior becomes explainable. Why do the Arab nations treat the Palestinian refugees so badly? Because they care more about hurting Jews than helping Arabs.

And the same goes for the organizers of the UCU boycott.

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