The EU moves closer to the dark side

The policy of Hamas, expressed in their charter, their public statements, and most of all by their actions is to commit a genocide against the Jewish people in Israel. Terrorism against civilians, especially suicide terrorism, is their chosen tactic.

Furthermore, Hamas espouses an Islamic fundamentalist outlook in which (Muslim) women are second-class citizens, Jews and Christians are third-class, and Hindus and others are “polytheists” who should be killed. If possible, their attitude toward homosexuals is even worse.

The international community was nevertheless willing to support the Hamas-led Palestinian government if they would only agree to renounce terrorism, recognize that Israel — in some form — had a right to exist, and respect prior agreements between the PLO and Israel. Of course it was not prepared to give even minimal lip service to these principles.

Nevertheless, a significant number of secular, well-educated and supposedly enlightened European Union delegates believe that Hamas should be directly funded by Europeans:

“If we don’t end the boycott the region will descend into civil war and al-Qaida-type terrorist groups will emerge,” Belgian Socialist lawmaker Veronique De Keyser said ahead of a Wednesday parliamentary debate with the EU’s foreign policy chief Javier Solana on the situation in the region.

“The only solution is to recognize the government that was legitimately elected – and talk with all of its members,” she said.

She is among a large group of EU parliamentarians – as many as 250 in the 785-member house, according to some lawmakers – who would like to see the EU’s 27 member states radically change their policy toward the Palestinians.
Jerusalem Post

De Keyser, who has said that she would like to strangle the Israeli ambassador, is a particularly stupid and irrational individual, but it’s nevertheless shocking to see almost one-third of the EU parliament sharing her point of view.

They may not have noticed, but the region has descended into civil war, despite the large amount of unofficial funding reaching Hamas. And Hamas is an al-Quaeda-type terrorist organization; I’m not sure what the distinction is that De Keyser seems to see.

I’m sure that the EU will ultimately decide to fund the Hamas government, although in a practical sense it will be unimportant because of the various backdoor methods that have already been implemented to provide it with money for weapons and explosives. Official recognition, however will nevertheless implicate the EU as a partner of the antisemitic, terrorist and genocidal Hamas.

This will only bring the day closer that Europe finds itself, like Israel, locked into a death struggle with the forces of Islamic darkness. They won’t be able to say that I didn’t warn them.

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