The UN — what have they done since 1947?

Here goes, the UN is planning to stick it to Israel yet again:

The Sheba Farms, a small tract of land in the north of Israel, is Lebanese territory, according to an expert UN cartographer, Israel Radio reported Wednesday, quoting an unnamed official in Jerusalem.

An official UN statement on the issue was yet to be published…

Israel was against any decisive UN statements regarding the area, fearing that a public admission that the territory was Lebanese would effectively render Israel’s 2000 pullout from Lebanon incomplete and give Hizbullah justification to re-ignite a military confrontation with Israel. — Jerusalem Post

Sheba farmsWho gives a rat’s posterior about this tiny (10 sq. miles) militarily unimportant piece of ground on the border between the Golan and Lebanon?

Nobody, really, except the residents. Like the Palestinian refugees, it’s a club to beat Israel with. The area was generally considered Syrian, and Israel conquered it along with the rest of the Golan in 1967.

In 2000, Israel withdrew from South Lebanon. In order to ensure that nobody could claim that Israel was occupying Lebanese territory, she asked the UN to demarcate the border between Israel and Lebanon (the so-called ‘Blue line’) and to certify that Israel had withdrawn completely from Lebanese territory. This they did.

Hezbollah, however, has always claimed as a pretext for cross-border raids, missile attacks, etc. that the Sheba farms area was actually part of Lebanon, and that their terrorism was actually ‘legitimate resistance’ against an illegal occupation.

Now the UN may be planning to reverse itself and side with Hezbollah.

I can’t think of one positive thing the UN has done regarding Israel since 1947. Can you?

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