Ben Franklin says Shimon Peres is insane

What is it possible to say about Shimon Peres, Israel’s new president?

Israeli President Shimon Peres has proposed that Israel release all 10,000 Palestinian security prisoners it is holding in exchange for the Palestinian Authority finally cracking down on anti-Jewish terrorism, Israel’s Ma’ariv daily newspaper reported on Monday.

According to the report, Peres’ plan would see Israel free 2,000 prisoners every year for the next five years as an incentive for the Palestinians to begin dealing with the terrorism emanating from territories under their control. The Palestinians were supposed to start cracking down on terror back in 1993, when Israel granted them autonomy with a guarantee of statehood at some point in the future. — Israel Today

I hate to use the same quotation twice in the same week, but Benjamin Franklin allegedly said that the definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results. If anyone was ever insane in this way, it is Mr. Peres.

Last week, Peres proposed a ‘peace’ plan that would have Israel withdraw from most of the West Bank while ‘compensating’ the Palestinians with territory within the Green Line so that they end up with 100% of the territory that he believes belongs to them.

Never mind, as Isi Leibler points out, that this is throwing out the correct interpretation of UN resolution 242 and accepting the Arab version. Never mind that it calls for unprecedented concessions regarding Jerusalem and the ‘right of return’ for Palestinian ‘refugees’.

Never mind that since 1993 we have learned, except for Peres who is apparently incapable of learning anything, that concessions do not bring peace, but rather more war.

Never mind that proposals like this, even if the government officially denies them, send a message of weakness and surrender which will ultimately result in more bloodshed, when Israel responds to the inevitable terrorism which is the Arabs’ way of showing strength.

Only a man with the enormous arrogance of a Shimon Peres can accept the honor of being elected president, a post which incidentally is supposed to be above politics, and then turn around and make proposals for which he does not have any kind of mandate, and which are actually dangerous to the state that he is supposed to serve.

There are no more Nobel Prizes waiting for you out there, Mr. Peres. Incidentally, Arafat’s prize, which he got at the same ceremony, is now in the hands of Hamas, which stole it from Arafat’s Gaza headquarters. I devoutly hope that this doesn’t happen to yours.

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