Where else in the world could this happen?

Hamas continues ‘military’ operations against Israel:

An underground tunnel stretching towards Israel from the northern Gaza Strip and hidden by a Palestinian greenhouse was discovered by the IDF on Tuesday, security forces reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, Palestinian terror organizations hoped to fill the tunnel with bombs, which would then be detonated under an unspecified Israeli civilian or military target. The army is also checking into the possibility that gunmen intended to use the tunnel to infiltrate into Israel. — Jerusalem Post

This is, of course, the tunnel that they found. One doesn’t know how many others there are in various states of progress that have not yet been found.

Only one Qassam rocket hit Israel today, it fell in an open area and no one was hurt. These are more common than rain showers (much more, this time of year) and are not even reported in the international media unless an ‘interesting’ target such as a school is hit.

Israel considers to supply water and electricity to Gaza while its Hamas government wages war against Israel. Where else in the world could this happen?

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