Borrowing trouble

My wife tells me that I worry too much. “Don’t borrow trouble”, she says. Well, here are a few of the things I worry about:

Nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorist proxies
The “Mutual Assured Destruction” of the Cold War was effective at preventing atomic war because both sides knew exactly who their enemy was, and where he lived. And also, to tell the truth, that regardless of what one thought about them, the leaders on both sides were not the type to get their jollies from the idea of incinerating their enemies. None of this is true today.

The internalization of antisemitism in human belief
It seems that there’s been antisemitism as long as there have been Jews (and even in places where there were not Jews), but the power of modern mass media and its deliberate employment by Israel’s enemies has caused half the world to take the idea that Jews and Israel are the embodiment of evil as an non-controversial given.

The development of radical Islam as normative Islam
For various reasons, from the simple psychological pull to extremes to complex political phenomena, more and more of the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims are coming to hold radical forms of belief which promote violent and aggressive action in the name of Islam.

The loss of intellectual and moral vitality in the West
While the academic establishment rewards utter nonsense and seems to have entirely forgotten the notion of objective truth, political and business leaders pursue personal wealth at the expense of their constituents, customers, employees, stockholders, etc.

That’s probably enough for now. I can’t help worrying, it’s in the genes.

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