It’s up to Hamas to keep the lights on

The UN Secretary-General apparently believes that Israel must continue to supply electricity to the Qassam rocket factories in Gaza:

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged Israel on Wednesday to reconsider its decision to declare the Gaza Strip an “enemy entity,” warning that any cutoff of vital services would violate international law and punish the already suffering civilian population.

In one of his toughest statements aimed at Israel since taking the reins of the UN on Jan. 1, Ban said he was “very concerned” at the Israeli government’s declaration earlier Wednesday “and its announced intent to interrupt essential services such as electricity and fuel to the civilian population.” — Jerusalem Post

The Secretary-General should direct his warning to Hamas, which is currently violating international law every day by permitting Qassam missiles to be fired into Israel.

If Hamas’ (sometimes successful) attempts at murder and mayhem were to stop, there is no doubt that Israel would continue to supply electricity to Gaza. And Hamas could stop the rockets in a minute.

There is no reason that a country should allow its citizens to be sitting ducks. The decision to keep the lights on is up to Hamas, not Israel.

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