Kick them out

Members of neo-Nazi group in IsraelI agree: don’t change the Law of Return. But find a way to kick these ugly creatures out.

There are dozens more neo-Nazis in Israel, and police are working on finding them, Israel Police Insp.-Gen. David Cohen said on Monday, two days after police announced they had uncovered a neo-Nazi ring in Petah Tikva composed of former-Soviet Union immigrants.

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter reiterated … that Israel should not hurry to change the Law of Return, which permitted the neo-Nazi youths to enter Israel, and that it was important to examine the matter very carefully. — Jerusalem Post

Germany has laws against neo-Nazi activity. Apparently, Israel does not, since nobody ever expected it. Making the Law of Return more restrictive might not help, and anyway it’s impossible and repellent to investigate the genealogy of prospective immigrants.

I’m hoping that the legal experts can find a way to deport them nevertheless. Imprisoning them will be expensive, and they will be able to recruit other prisoners to their cause.

However it’s done, they need to be removed from Israeli society. There are limits.

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