Another day, another murderous attack

Yesterday’s murderous attempt on Benazir Bhutto’s life in Karachi:

KARACHI, Pakistan [AP] – Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, her return from exile shattered by a suicide attack that killed up to 136 people, blamed militants Friday for trying to kill her and said she would not “surrender our great nation” to them.

Bhutto said there were two attackers in the deadly bombing, and that her security guards found a third man armed with a pistol and another with a suicide vest. Ahead of her arrival, she said, she was warned suicide squads were dispatched to kill her.

“There was one suicide squad from the Taliban elements, one suicide squad from al-Qaida, one suicide squad from Pakistani Taliban and a fourth — a group — I believe from Karachi,” she said.

Whoever was responsible, this was one of the worst terrorist attacks in recent history, and Pakistan’s worst ever, with at least 113 dead and hundreds injured from the suicide bomb packed with the usual ball bearings and other metal scrap.

I am still always surprised when somebody is sincere enough in his (or her) belief that mass murder will achieve their political or religious goals to atomize themselves. I guess I should get over this.

I’m waiting for the usual suspects to say that the attack was perpetrated by the Mossad, or by ‘Zionists’.

Or that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would prevent this kind of thing.

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