Gaza terrorists get better rockets

A Katyusha rocket has landed in Netivot, near the Gaza strip:

The rocket, one of four to land in the western Negev, was the first to land in the Netivot area since Palestinian terrorists started firing rockets at Israel.

Defense officials said that the rocket was Russian-made and had a range of 20 kilometers.

No one was wounded and no damage was reported as a result of the rocket barrage.

Netivot Mayor Yehiel Zohar said that his request to fortify the town’s education institutions was turned down since Netivot is located 11 kilometers from the Gaza Strip – one kilometer outside the area that qualifies for fortification. — Jerusalem Post

Netivot is a small town. The city of Ashkelon (population 117,000), however, is even closer to the Gaza strip, and has a port and industrial installations. Some Qassams have already struck it, but so far have not done too much damage. Katyushas, with longer range, better accuracy, and larger payloads, would be another story.

I assume they are being smuggled in via the arms superhighway under the Egyptian border. There will come a point that Israel will be forced to take action. I hope it won’t have to be prompted by a major casualty event.

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