Rockets fall, Palestinians posture

Having just written about the International Solidarity Movement [ISM] and noted their concern for international law as well as their desire for Israel to end the occupation of the West Bank, I also note the following news item:

Qassam rockets fired from the Gaza Strip continued to strike southern Israel on Monday, the day’s third barrage brought the total number of rocket strikes to 12.

Two rockets were fired from Gaza at the western Negev late Monday evening. Earlier, shortly after 8 p.m., a barrage of four rockets landed in open territory in the western Negev.

In the afternoon, six rockets were fired at southern Israel. No wounded or damage were reported in any of the attacks. — Jerusalem Post

If anything is forbidden by international law under any circumstances, it’s random shooting into civilian areas.

The other point is this: what do they think they are teaching Israel about the occupation? The lesson seems to be that if you stop occupying a Palestinian area, like Gaza, you will get rockets. Every day.

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