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Nothing recently has come close to irritating me as much as Marcy Winograd, exemplar of the Jewish anti-Zionist Left (see: Marcy Winograd, please convert to Islam).

But I suppose it’s worth trying to educate her. She can’t possibly be as dumb as she seems.

Ami Isseroff is trying:

However, for the real and imagined crimes of the “Zionists” there is only one remedy according to these friends of “peace and justice:” Israel must be dismantled, and the Jewish people must be denied the right to self determination. Germany, which was responsible for two world wars and genocide, is not to be dismantled. The German state is not to be flooded with Poles and Czechs and Frenchman. Japan, which committed committed unspeakable horrors in China, was not dismantled and settled with Chinese, and the Japanese are allowed their own language and customs, like the Germans. America, which committed genocide against the native Americans, and is the home of many of these ostensible lovers of peace and justice, will not pay for its sins. Russia, which terrorized all of Eastern Europe and the Baltic, and continues to deny the rights of the Chechnyans and others, is exempt from criticism.

But the Jews are not to share the same justice as Germany, Japan, USA and Russia. Israel must be turned into a “secular democratic” single state of Jews and Arabs according to the peace lovers. This is precisely the “peace” solution offered by his excellency, Hajj Amin Al Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the escaped Nazi war criminal, in 1948. And so, in the name of “peace and justice,” the opponents of “Zionism,” including Jews like Marcy Winograd, propagate the racist doctrine that only the Jews are not worthy of self-determination, and that alone among the states of the world, the Jewish state has no right to exist, solely because it is Jewish. [my emphasis]

The continuation of this “peace” plan is known. The Mufti told the British that the “solution” he planned for the Palestinians, that is, the Jews of Palestine, was precisely the one adopted for the Jews of Europe by his mentor and friend, Adolf Hitler. The Mufti planned to build an extermination camp near Nablus. But the Jews of Palestine were not “citizens of the world” and did not allow this “peace solution” to be implemented. That was the cause of the “Nakba” of the Arabs of Palestine. And the same obstinate and evil Zionists will not, frustratingly enough for people like Marcy Winograd, allow the final solution to be implemented now.

Read the whole article here. I hope that Marcy does, although I am afraid that she’s beyond help.

Update [1104 PST]: I am informed that she did read Ami Isseroff’s article, and her response indicates that it did not affect her thinking at all. Why am I not surprised?

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