Not at all incompetent

The Dry Bones Blog alternates new cartoons with old ones. Often one gets the feeling that nothing changes over the years except the faces.

Anyway, today’s cartoon is from 1994:

Dry Bones: Palestinian leadership (1994)

But for once I find myself disagreeing with Mr. Dry Bones. No, not in the sense that no leadership could be less competent than Israel’s — to disprove that, just look at the US.

What I do think is that — given its goals — the Palestinian leadership is quite competent.

What are these goals? One of them is to build up Palestinian military strength. Both Fatah and Hamas are wildly successful in this area, Fatah with American support and Hamas with help from Iran.

Another goal is to prevent the creation of a Palestinian state and economy in anything less than all of ‘Palestine’, for if this were to occur, there might be something to distract young Palestinian men from the struggle to destroy Israel.

To this end, Fatah refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and insists of a right of return for descendants of Arab refugees. Hamas, always more direct, perpetrates suicide bombings and mortar attacks against border crossings just in case Gaza residents get any ideas about economic activity other than rocket science.

A third goal is to keep the pot of hatred and racism boiling so that any attempts at compromise which might lead to a peaceful two-state solution can’t get off the ground, and so that there will be a plentiful supply of martyrs, especially young ones. Both Fatah and Hamas keep up a campaign of vicious incitement against Jews and Israel, despite the fact that Fatah is supposedly a ‘partner’. Hamas’ indoctrination of children is particularly vile.

Just like the way the Arab nations have kept the Palestinian refugees miserable for 60 years, the Palestinian leadership does its best to keep its people miserable (except for their relatives), angry and full of hate.

This supports their true goal, the goal that all Palestinian leaders since Haj Amin al-Husseini have worked toward: the elimination of the Jewish presence in the Middle East.

Incompetent? Not at all.

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