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Israel’s decision to clamp down on Hamas-affiliated institutions in the West Bank has drawn strong condemnations from the movement’s leaders.

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh accused Israel on Wednesday of waging a “dirty war” against Hamas. He also accused the Palestinian Authority of “participating” in the Israeli campaign…

In recent days the IDF closed several Hamas-affiliated institutions, including a shopping mall in Nablus. The move is aimed at undermining Hamas’s influence and destroying its infrastructure in the West Bank.

Haniyeh said that altogether the IDF closed 37 institutions in Ramallah and Nablus since the beginning of the week.

“This is an ugly crime against humanity,” Haniyeh said, adding that most of the institutions were charities that provided for the needy. [my emphasis]

How ironic for Hamas to talk about dirty wars and crimes against humanity!

This is the Hamas whose  charter calls for Muslims to kill Jews, which claims all of Israel as a Muslim waqf [property or land dedicated to Allah], and which insists that the only solution to the problem of its Jewish occupancy is violent jihad.

This is the Hamas which popularized the tactic of strapping bombs to teenagers, mentally handicapped people, and disgraced women, and sending them to blow themselves up in the midst of Israeli civilians.

This is the Hamas which fires rockets and mortars into Israel at random targets, and which celebrates with glee whenever Israelis are killed.

This is the Hamas that creates childrens’ TV programs in which ‘cute’ characters preach hatred, revenge and death, and which dresses up toddlers barely able to walk as suicide bombers, to the great pride of their parents.

This is the Hamas whose entire heart and soul, its reason for being, is to kill Jews and destroy the Jewish state, whose ‘charities’ serve to recruit supporters for its murderous program and as a smokescreen for its ‘military’ — that is, terrorist — wing.

So explain to me why Israel should not do its best to suppress Hamas-affiliated institutions in the West Bank. Indeed, explain why Israel stands aside and lets it grow stronger and stronger in Gaza.

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