Busy Hamas sub-contractors

PRC terrorist assembling rocketThe PRC (Popular Resistance Committees) is one of those nasty little terrorist organizations that flourish in Gaza:

Hamas and the Popular Resistance Committees have cooperated closely since the beginning of the ongoing violent Palestinian-Israeli confrontation. However, because of the so-called “lull in the fighting” and Hamas’ terrorism-restraining policy, Hamas has augmented the aid it gives to the PRC. The PRC has become a kind of Hamas sub-contractor… Hamas provides the PRC with extensive operational support, including monthly funding, and providing arms, training and operational instructions. — Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The PRC has only a few hundred members, but they are busy, especially during the ‘cease-fire’ — or what would better be called the ‘Terrorist Training and Rearmament Period’ that the short-sighted Israeli government allowed to come into being. Here is a recent video (1:22) of PRC members building rockets and training in preparation for the end of the truce.

Although there have been numerous violations, Israel managed to buy some time free of major conflict by agreeing to the truce. But the day of reckoning will come sooner or later, just as it will with the massively rearmed Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the IDF’s job will be significantly more difficult as a result.

If you are wondering how the terrorists manage to get materials for their rockets (and their spiffy uniforms) despite the so-called ‘siege’ of Gaza, here is some Israel TV news footage from one day last winter when the IDF uncovered seven of the hundreds of smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt.

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