Local Hamasniks, explosive Qurans, and more

Everyone who thinks that the philosophy and methods of Hamas are confined to the Gaza strip and cannot come to America should look carefully at the video report of the violent San Francisco anti-Israel demonstration last Friday.

Here in Fresno, local Muslims from several mosques have joined forces with Peace Fresno — how an organization with ‘peace’ in its name can support Hamas is far from clear — to demonstrate against the Israeli “genocide” that they perceive in Gaza. Here is a promotional video of the event thoughtfully provided by some local ‘peace’ lovers. Although the Fresno happening was non-violent, the chants and anti-Israel lies were the same.

It is significant that — for what I believe to be the first time — the Imam of Fresno’s Islamic Cultural Center [ICCF], Seyed Ali Ghazvini, spoke at an anti-Israel demonstration (he is featured in the video).

This Friday, there will be another demonstration and this time there will be a significant counter-demonstration: Shaw & Blackstone at 4 PM.

Since even Peace Fresno can’t afford to admit that they support the racist, genocidal, misogynist, homophobic and antisemitic Hamas, they have to concentrate on the “Israeli war crimes of targeting mosques, schools, clinics, medics and innocent civilians in Gaza Strip” (from the ICCF website).

Let’s look at some of these ‘crimes’. 

Here’s an IDF video of a mosque being attacked. Oops, see those secondary explosions? Must have been full of, er, explosive Qurans.

Ah yes, the criminal IDF bombs schools, too.  Here is the same UN school where Palestinians claim that 40 civilians were killed by Israeli fire, showing terrorists firing mortar shells right next to the door (h/t: Yid with Lid). This particular video is from 2007, but the IDF says it was returning fire to mortars from here. And here are some weapons found in another school today.

Did you know that not only were civilians killed but also the Hamas mortar team? And that the school was booby-trapped, with many of the dead being caused by secondary explosions?

Maybe the war crimes that we are talking about are being committed by Hamas, which has consistently used Gaza civilians as human shields for its activities?

Mads GilbertPossibly we should also look at the numbers of civilian casualties that the media are quoting. A whole lot of’ ‘information’ comes from this guy:

Mads Gilbert is a Norwegian doctor (note the attractive Norwegian scarf he is displaying) who is more a Doctor of Bullshit than a MD. An extreme Marxist and pro-Palestinian activist, he is used as a source by the NY Times, the BBC, CNN, etc. CAMERA (see link above) wonders “how he has the time to provide medical help, never mind ‘doing surgery around the clock’ as he claims”.

Palestinians have a long history of faking Israeli ‘atrocities’. Richard Landes has documented it exhaustively, and continues to do so. I suggest that we treat Palestinian reports, including photos, of civilian casualties very carefully.

Hamas wants to distract your attention from its war crimes by accusing Israel. It’s a lie, whether it comes directly from them or their supporters in Fresno.

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