Does this make you feel peaceful?

At various times — for example, this May — the ‘moderate’ Palestinian Authority has promised to stop incitement. In fact, back in 1993 the Oslo accord required that the PLO, soon to be raised from a terrorist gang to a government by the US and a naive Israeli government, would stop incitement.

So what’s incitement? In the words of Palestinian Media Watch, it’s behavior like this — all of which has been observed in the past two months, since Mahmoud Abbas’ most recent  promise to end it:

  • The PA continues to teach on PA educational TV that Israeli cities across the entire country, including Jaffa and Haifa, are Palestinian cities.
  • The official [PA] media deny Israel’s right to exist by using terminology to refer to Israel as “the homeland occupied in ’48.”
  • The conflict with Israel is defined by PA-appointed political and religious leaders not as territorial but as Ribat — a religious war for Allah.
  • The PA senior religious leader demonizes Jews as the “enemies of God.”
  • PA TV host: “The Jews are our enemies, right?”
  • The PA continues to honor terrorists [by naming streets, schools, etc. after them].
  • [A] PA-Fatah leader defends “the right to return to the armed conflict.”
  • [A] PA-Fatah leader explains negotiations as “a tactical decision, i.e., a temporary, defensive decision.”

PMW has it all on video here, especially including the programming for children.

Does this inspire confidence that the PA intends to join in a peaceful two-state solution which will end the conflict? Is this what you would tell your people if you were on the verge of making peace? I didn’t think so.

Remember, we are talking about the PA/Fatah/PLO. The people that the US is supporting and arming (so they can ‘fight terrorism’). The people with whom we are having a ‘peace process’. Not Hamas, whose media — particularly children’s programming — is far worse.

Here’s a music video with a catchy tune, directed at young Palestinian shaheed material (er, teenagers). According to PMW, PA TV broadcast it live on June 4, 2010, and then on June 24, July 9, July 13, July 16, and yesterday, July 20.

Doesn’t it make you feel peaceful?

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