Moty and Udi: Moty watches Palestinian TV

There’s lots more, too. The story of the Palestinian ‘Jesus’ is here, and more examples of invented history are here,  as recorded from the official Palestinian Authority (PA) TV station by Palestinian Media Watch.

It may appear absurd and funny to us, but many people believe this stuff, just like they believe stories about Israeli ‘war crimes’ in Gaza, or that the Israeli naval commandos landed on the Mavi Marmara with guns blazing, or that Israel plans to occupy the Middle East from the Nile to the Euphrates, etc.

The Arabs believe that if they print enough maps on which Israel does not appear and tell enough lies about ancient and recent history, they can cause Israel to disappear (with a little help from Hizballah and Hamas, of course).

There are also attempts to spread less-obviously wacky — but still perniciously false — stories in Israel and the West.  For example, the organization “Peace Research in the Middle East” (PRIME) publishes a high school textbook in Hebrew and Arabic called “Learning Each Other’s Historical Narrative” which purports to present the Israel and Palestinian Arab “narratives” side by side.

In fact, it presents neither — you’d think the Israeli narrative would include a mention of the cooperation between the Grand Mufti al-Husseini and Hitler, or that Jews fought to kick the British out of Palestine, or that the British often helped the Arabs in the pre-state period — but none of these facts are mentioned. The Zionist enterprise is presented as an extension of Western colonialism, and Arab rejectionism as a struggle against colonization.

Unsurprisingly, two of the consultants who worked on this project were ISM founders Huweida  Arraf and Adam Shapiro. Now there’s an unbiased pair! By day they try to bring Israeli Jews and Arabs together, while by night they make naive foreigners like Rachel Corrie into human shields for Hamas and Fatah terrorists.

Oh, did I mention that

This project and publication of this booklet have
been made possible by:
The Public Affairs Offices of
The United States Embassy, Tel Aviv,
The United States Consulate General, Jerusalem.
The Wye River Foundation.

I just did.

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