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JERUSALEM (AP) — Some 120 foreign activists were being held in Israeli jails Saturday, awaiting possible deportation, after arriving at Tel Aviv’s airport over the weekend as part of a solidarity mission with the Palestinians, a government official said.

Others who managed to get through Israeli border controls traveled to the West Bank where some joined a demonstration against Israel’s separation barrier. Associated Press Television footage showed some foreign activists, along with Palestinians, cutting through the barrier’s barbed wire fence with clippers. Another protester started a small brush fire.

The Israeli military said about 150 protesters gathered near the barrier just north of Jerusalem. Some threw rocks at soldiers who fired tear gas to disperse them, the army said…

When several of the ‘activists’ unfurled Palestinian flags at the airport yesterday, they had to be rescued by police from normal Israeli passengers, who beat them and told them to go to Syria to demonstrate.

Need it even be said: what other nation in the world would allow foreigners to come in to their country and commit acts of vandalism while agitating for its destruction?


Another news item:

The United States’ elimination of Al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama Bin-Laden has paved the way for Israel to renew plans to eliminate Hizbulla terrorist leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, according to European diplomatic reports cited by Lebanese newspaper Al-Dayar.

On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the start of the Second Lebanon War, the newspaper said the plans were approved but shelved under American and European pressure as deviating from the ceasefire agreement that ended the war.

So a) the US can kill the guy who orchestrated an attack on it but Israel can’t, and b) after Hizballah has been allowed to receive tens of thousands of rockets and every other manner of arms, to retake control of southern Lebanon and rebuild fortifications in direct contravention of UNSC resolution 1701 with nary a peep, the Americans and Europeans are suddenly concerned about a possible Israeli violation of it.

Keep in mind that the rearming of Hizballah has made another war a virtual certainty, regardless of what happens to Nasrallah.


Finally, the spoiled brats of the Middle East (see my piece from Friday) are outraged that the US Congress thinks that we shouldn’t pay to keep enemies afloat:

The Palestinian Authority has protested this week’s decision by the United States Congress to cut off funds to the PA if it unilaterally declares itself a sovereign state and seeks United Nations recognition in September. A statement by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction said the decision would push the region into violence. — IsraelNN

This is a perfect example of the Palestinian Arabs’ collective personality disorder: everything is someone else’s fault. If the region erupts in violence — that is, if the Arabs start another intifada — then it will be because the US has pushed them into it by not giving into their demands.

One might think that this sounds like plain old blackmail, but it’s worse than that. They really believe that they are owed a living and a state (at Israel’s expense), and that if we don’t give it to them, we are responsible for their misbehavior.

The really, really bad thing about this is that some elements of the US administration — including the President — seem to agree with them.

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