Antisemitism in everyday life

Editor’s note: ‘Gary’ (not his real name) is an acquaintance. I’m posting the following in order to illustrate how some antisemitic notions – especially the ideas that the Jews control the mainstream media and use this control to prevent exposure of the their conspiratorial influences on everything else, are remarkably prevalent today.

I found the statement that the antisemite was just exercising his right of free speech somewhat strained, but it just could have been about not understanding the difference between ‘censured’ and ‘censored’.

I’ve obscured various details, such as the name of the blog from which he quotes, and so forth. Otherwise this is exactly what he sent me. I would especially like to receive comments about this.

By Gary …

I have been looking in the real estate market for a small house. With the market taking a sharp downturn this past year, and so many experts offering so many different opinions on what will happen in the markets next, I began to read a number of real estate blogs.

One of the most informative is a site called *** .

After an article on slowdowns across the US this past Sunday, January 21, 2007, there were over a hundred replies posted by readers. I was shocked to find the following post among them:

Comment by D***

2007-01-21 08:47:00

“And abolish the Fed. It has no business being involved in the finances of the US. Pitchforks and tar.”

Good luck. This plot was started in the 1920’s with the help of the Rothchilds in Germany. Meyer Rothchild once said to paraphrase…”give me control of the nation’s money supply and I care not who makes it’s laws”. Don’t you find it a little odd that the Anti-Defamation League was started in 1913, the same year as the FED. Look who runs the FED, and the Wall Street brokerage houses…it’s all a game of skimming off the wealth of others. Free money for holding the casino open. The house always wins, and we will continue to pay for it.

Do you think those folks from Goldman-Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Solomon Brothers, House of Warburg are the least bit troubled by the “housing bubble?” They are buying up all the “assets” with their monopoly money!! Never gonna end. They own the politicians.

After seeing this pretty slimy post, I myself posted the following onto the blog:

Comment by Gary

2007-01-21 10:05:01

I notice that D*** regularly uses Jewish examples to spew his bigotry. Can’t he be censured? It does this great blog a disservice.

Following my post the next two quickly appeared:

Comment by F***

2007-01-21 13:03:52

Understanding the corrupt nature of the financial system is on topic for this blog. All theories and observations are welcome, especially those the MSM tries to label verboten.

Comment by S***

2007-01-21 14:29:59

The reason this is a “great blog” is because it is also a genuine bastion of free speech and free thinkers. No individual or group is off limits, and even unpopular and outright lunatic points of view can be expressed and weighed for their merits. If D*** is factually incorrect in his assertions or information, you have the right and obligation to set him straight for the benefit of the board. You do not have the right to try to silence him out of hand by labeling him a bigot or anti-Semite, and demanding that he be “censured.”

Just about everybody who reads this board has probably seen comments in here that could be reasonably be construed as inflammatory or offensive to their religion, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, occupation, etc. B*** has deleted posts that were blatantly anti-Jewish, extremist, or otherwise out of line. I would respectfully suggest that if you are upset by D***’s posts, that you exercise your right to present a contrary point of view and refute his comments, instead of trying to arbitrarily silence him by accusing him of bigotry.

Then the writer of the anti Jewish diatribe posted this directly to me:

Comment by D***

2007-01-21 20:33:24

Actually, I almost never take on an “anti-semitic” tone or post. P*** got me going with the FED, the creature from Jekyll Island, and I thought I would make a few points. You are quite welcome to call Abraham Foxman or Klanwatch or any of your other myriad organizations to seek out and destroy anyone who says things you don’t like. I simply pointed some little facts that the owners of the MEDIA won’t touch.

And we all know why, don’t we?

NY Times, WAPo, Time, Newsweek, VIACOM…all your buddies. If the FED chairman were Catholic for the past 2 or 3 posts, along with the Treasury Secretary, Heads of World Bank and IMF, and a bunch of top presidential advisors…It would probably be protested by the press as a “conspiracy”. Hell, Sumner Redstone would probably be screaming for an investigation.

There are a lot of Catholics in the USA, as opposed to other ethnic groups, so the odds are much greater. But that never happens. Why? It’s just a logical question to ask. I’m not “persecuting” anyone, Gary. I’m just looking at the astronomical odds…and go HUMMM? (3 out of 100 in general population)

Remember the FRIGHT when a Catholic (Kennedy)became PRESIDENT? It was something that concerned the “media”. Nonetheless, I do resent your calls for censureship but I’m sure you will try.

I haven’t even called anybody any names or used any racial or ethnic slurs. I’m just looking at key players in a game i don’t like.

Oh! and Gary…one last thing. I never mentioned that anyone of those folks I referenced were Jewish. You did.

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