Going after Foxman

…despite the criticisms that can be leveled at him, the recent effort by some leading intellectuals and media types to target Foxman as the man leading an effort to “silence” critics of Israel is something that even those who aren’t his biggest fans should be worried about. — Jonathan S. Tobin, The Jewish Exponent

First they came for Rosen and Weissman. But I didn’t speak up because AIPAC was too big for its britches. Then they came for Foxman, but I didn’t speak up because the ADL is tacky. You get the idea.

Carter, Mearsheimer/Walt, and all the others have a goal: to break American Jewry’s power to help Israel.

Read Tobin’s article about the attack on Abe Foxman here.

One Response to “Going after Foxman”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    I read the Traub article carefully and immediately detected the patronizing liberal slightly anti- Israel view of its author. The key was in the sympathy shown to Judt, and the derogatory tone in relation to Foxman’s concern about the Iranian threat.
    The article is , in my judgment, a typical instance of ‘immoral liberal snobbism’. Considering the shameful record of the Times during the ‘Shoah’ and the constant criticism of ‘right- wing Israeli governments’ the Times has made since 1977 it is yet further proof of how poor in moral judgment the ‘Times’ very often is.