Delegitimization in every form and venue

A Bahraini athlete who ran and won a marathon in Israel has been stripped of his citizenship. Authorities said Mushir Salem Jawher, who was born in Kenya but moved to Bahrain in 2003, had violated the laws of the country.

Israeli media said Mr Jawher was the first athlete from an Arab country to compete in an Israeli marathon.

Bahrain has no official ties with the Jewish state but Mr Jawher said he was “very proud” to have taken part. — BBC

Mr. Jawher won the Tiberias Marathon in 2 hr. 13 min.

One Response to “Delegitimization in every form and venue”

  1. ME says:

    Athletes who compete for countries other than their place of birth, are routinely threatened with citizenship retractions for a variety of reasons.

    I wonder what the laws of the Country are that prohibit him from winning in a competitive sport?

    What about the Israeli tennis player who was recently prohibited from competing in the tournament in Dubai?

    Ultra competition and insecurity about sporting events is like heightened primordial and primitive behavioral response. But when the guy wins, that is plain weird.