Palestinians ashamed of murder

Here are some statements made by Palestinians about the fighting in Gaza, quoted by Khaled abu Toameh in the Jerusalem Post:

“Everyone here is disgusted by what’s happening in the Gaza Strip,” said Shireen Atiyeh, a 30-year-old mother of three working in one of the Palestinian Authority ministries. “We are telling the world that we don’t deserve a state because we are murdering each other and destroying our universities, colleges, mosques and hospitals. Today I’m ashamed to say that I’m a Palestinian.”

Hafez Barghouti, editor of the PA-funded daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, said he was concerned that the fighting would tarnish the image of the Palestinians. “Tens of millions of people now look at us as worthless gangsters with no values,” he complained.

[Mahmoud Habash said] “The world is watching how the Palestinians are destroying their institutions and achievements with their own hands. They see how we are mercilessly slaughtering innocent people. We are losing the sympathy of the world. I’m afraid the world will now view us differently.”

Political analyst Ikrimah Thabet said: “…the bloody events have caused enormous damage to the reputation of the Palestinians, especially in light of the filthy and painful violence that has claimed the lives of children, activists, leaders and innocent civilians.”

Suddenly they are ashamed of murder. “The world will now view [them] differently” because they have taken a break from killing Jews and are now killing Arabs. The Palestinian image has been tarnished.

This is really breathtaking. It shows their one-sided understanding of what has been going on until now. It explains why one never heard expressions of conscience or regret for Arab terrorism against Jews. Sure, from time to time a Palestinian will say that their activities are ‘not productive’ or ‘not good for the cause’, the way Abbas spoke against the Kassam bombardment or Sari Nusseibeh deplored suicide bombings. But never, ever have we heard even a whisper of moral condemnation of the most horrible killings of Israeli “children, activists, leaders and innocent civilians.”

Shireen Atiyeh is correct, they don’t deserve a state.

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One Response to “Palestinians ashamed of murder”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    This is so correct. No one has held the Palestinians to a minimum standard of moral decency. It is amazing the sympathy and support those who have committed such horrible crimes , who have even celebrated murdering others have received from ‘enlightened’ peoples of the West.
    My guess is if it were not for Saudi and other Arab energy and money pressure the Palestinians would not have gotten away unblamed for so much evil.
    But then again I may be wrong. After all it is the Jews that the Palestinians hate and want to kill.