Sharansky on the new antisemitism and what to do about it

On one side, we have the Iranian regime, which is denying the Holocaust and calling for Israel to be “wiped off the map” while racing to develop the physical means of doing so. On the other side, we have what is, in effect, international silence in response, coupled with growing willingness to discuss Israel’s existence as a mistake, an anachronism, or a provocation. — Natan Sharansky

When Sharansky finally got out of the Soviet Union and came to Israel, I was in the midst of reserve duty, in a cold and rainy place. Some of my fellow miluimniks, also immigrants from the USSR, watched him appear on television and commented “big Zionist, wait till they stick him here”. I don’t know whether he got to my old unit, but Sharansky has proven to be a big Zionist in the best possible sense.

Read Sharansky’s discussion of the new antisemitism and his practical program to combat it.

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