Some questions about Muslim rage

A friend asked:

1. How many times per year do Muslims rage?

2. Is any other group so full of rage?

3. What evokes rage? Cartoons, renovation, scarves, Jews on the Temple Mount, etc.

4. What issues do not evoke rage: corruption, teenage suicide bombers, oppression of women, vendetta, honor killings, shooting of children, beheadings, attacks on tourists, internecine war, permanent refuge camps, loss of livelihood, disgraceful distribution of wealth, diversion of aid money, lack of social services, high illiteracy rate, tyrannical governments, reneging on agreements, press censorship (sometimes violent), preventing fire fighters from saving children, religious intolerance (including Muslim to Muslim), hate and suicide education, morals police, death fatwas against writers, inciting of Israeli retaliation, etc.

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One Response to “Some questions about Muslim rage”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    This touches upon a point which has always struck me. The world press is always reporting on Islamic rage here, and Islamic rage there, and Arab rage , and Arab rage there , Palestinian rage here and Palestinian rage there. And they report on this as if it were justified and as if the West or the U.S. or Israel, or whoever is outraged at must immediately do everything they can, make every concession to assuage this rage.
    Rage is an Islamic propaganda technique.
    It is also a sign of the ‘outraged’ as often being hysterical, and irrational.