Top priority: Palestine

The AP reports:

More than 100 Palestinians have been killed in internal violence since Hamas, which rejects Israel’s right to exist, won parliamentary elections a year ago and wrested power from Fatah, which advocates peacemaking with the Jewish state.

On Friday alone, the day’s death toll reached 17, including four children, and more than 200 people were wounded. Casualties were so high that hospitals ran out of ambulances to transport the dead and wounded, and blood supplies were running low.

In Washington, the so-called Quartet of Mideast negotiators met on Friday to explore ways to jump-start peacemaking between Israel and Abbas despite the latest round of Palestinian factional violence.

”There’s simply no reason to avoid the subject of how we get to a Palestinian state,” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said after meeting with foreign ministers from the European Union, United Nations and Russia.

Er, Condi, could you repeat that please?

One Response to “Top priority: Palestine”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    There is something absolutely crazy in Rice’s going on about a Palestinian state now. Which faction does she suppose Israel will negotiate with?
    It indicates a bankruptcy of thought, and worse a failure to really absorb the messages Reality is giving.
    Now how about an Israeli peace- treaty with Iran? Condi should put that on her agenda.