Black out Gaza!

Hamas is wasting no time to show that it is continuing to ‘resist Zionist aggression’ as part of the new government:

KARNI CROSSING, Gaza Strip (AP– Yahoo) – Hamas militants on Monday claimed responsibility for a shooting that wounded an Israeli civilian near the border with the Gaza Strip — the first serious violence after formation of the new Palestinian unity government.

Actually, 5 Kassams fell in Israel yesterday, but since they didn’t hit anyone, they are not ‘serious’.

Israel’s electric company said one of its workers was seriously wounded as he worked on a tower on Israeli territory near the crossing.

Hamas military wing claimed responsibility, calling the attack “a response to continued Zionist aggression.”

Yes, it’s certain that the fellow picked off like a sitting duck while hanging from his safety belt on the tower was a Zionist aggressor. I think if I worked for the electric company, I would find it impossible to continue to supply electricity to Gaza for safety reasons.

Let them import it from Norway, the first major donor country to announce that they will resume aid to the PA.

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