Manchester University twins with An-Najah murder majors

Manchester University in the UK has 26,000 students. A student organization managed to orchestrate the passage of a motion by the Student Union that affirmed solidarity with the students of a Palestinian university that apparently specializes in murder:

Jewish students were this week left reeling after the Student Union at Manchester University passed a motion twinning it with a West Bank university which has glorified suicide bombing and the massacre of innocent Israelis.

In 2001, [An-Najah (in Nablus)]  students organised an exhibition called ‘The splendours of terror’ which featured a reconstruction of the suicide attack on the Sbarro pizza restaurant in Jerusalem which killed 15 people.

The exhibit included a large rock in front of a mannequin wearing traditional orthodox clothing. Alongside it a recording played, “O believer, there is a Jewish man behind me. Come and kill him.”

Visitors to the display wiped their feet on Israeli and American flags. [An-Najah’s] alumni include 19 suicide bombers.

But despite the university’s celebration of terror, students at Manchester voted last Wednesday to set up exchange programmes and erect a plaque on their own campus marking their partnership with the West Bank institution.

It will read: “Students in Palestine have had their right to education consistently denied by the Israeli Occupation: checkpoints, attacks on Universities and limitations on movement seriously hinder the ability of students in Palestine to learn. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that everyone has the `right to education’: we fully support the struggle of our Palestinian brothers and sisters to realise this fundamental Human Right.” — Totally Jewish [my emphasis]

It’s difficult to understand how the Manchester students can be so outraged by the Israeli “hindering” of the Palestinians “right to education” as to think that this justifies bloody murder of Israeli civilians.

After the vote, Jewish students were allegedly cursed at and verbally abused.

The motion was introduced by a student group called Action Palestine, and supported by the university’s Islamic Society. (Ynet)

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One Response to “Manchester University twins with An-Najah murder majors”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    The Terror takeover of institutions of higher learning in the West is a truly alarming development. The alliance of the Radical Left and pro-Palestinian Islamic fundamentalists defies all sense and logic. But why should the world, and certainly why should people be sensible and logical, or for that matter simply decent?