FarrakhanIf you haven’t seen the Louis Farrakhan interview from Al-Jazeera (provided by MEMRI), you haven’t lived. Farrakhan, asked if he’s still called antisemitic, chuckles and asks if Arabs are Semites. So how can he, who is pro-Arab, be antisemitic? He goes on to claim that European Jews are not actually Jews or Semites. They are converts to Judaism who have ‘segregated’ the Sephardic and Ethiopian Jews! I suppose the point is that he can be anti-European-Jew without being antisemitic.

He claims that Iran is entitled to nuclear power, since it wants it for peaceful purposes, so as not to be dependent on oil. But the US is opposed to Iran’s atomic program because “the cornerstone of American foreign policy is protection of Israel” and the US fears “Iran’s attitude to Israel”. Attitude indeed.

Watching this guy is like watching a poisonous snake, except that I kind of like actual reptiles.

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